High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)


High impact polystyrene is commonly utilized consumer goods such as appliances inside TVs, car bumpers and children’s toys. it’s used in computers, petrol tanks, plastic drinking cups and even fitted as speakers inside music centres, it can be painted, glued and moulded. It’s also recyclable, so it’s very green.

GRADEMFI (gr/10 min)ApplicationDatasheet
HIPS 72404.5Industrial Parts,Packaging food Containers,Egg BoxesDownload
HIPS83504.5Fridge Doors and Cabinet LinersDownload
HIPS363015Bathroom Accessories,Coat Hangers,Injection moldingDownload
HIPS42403.5Vending Cups,Extruded ProfilesDownload
HIPS663013Computer Keyboards,Toys,SpoolsDownload
WT12355Toys,TV Cabinets,ClocksDownload


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