High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) has various characteristics including high flowability, stiffness, impact resistance, electrical insulation, mouldability, and cold resistance, which makes it excellent for making general housewares, fish net, rope, insulated cable, chemical containers, automobile fuel tank, pipes, films (agricultural, industrial, packaging).


High Density Polyethylene Extrusion:  EX3 – CRP 100N – CRP 100B – 5000S


High Density Polyethylene Film: HD 7000F – EX5 – HF5110 – MF3713


High Density Polyethylene Injection: 52518 – 52505UV – 62N07UV – 2208- HI0500


High Density Polyethylene Blow Moulding: BL3 – 0035


High Density Polyethylene : 3840UA

EX3 PE8012Pipe and Extrusion DownloadHDPE Extrusion
EX3 PE10012Pipe , food gradeDownloadHDPE Extrusion
CRP100B6.2pressure pipeDownloadHDPE Extrusion
CRP100N6.2pressure pipeDownloadHDPE Extrusion
5000S0.8flat yarn - ropeDownloadHDPE Extrusion
HD 7000F0.04 Enhanced ultra thin filmDownloadHDPE Film
EX58film extrusion - counter bagDownloadHDPE Film
HF511010extrusion film - bagsDownloadHDPE Film
MF371313bags - filmDownloadHDPE Film
5251818housewaresDownloadHDPE Injection
52505UV5containersDownloadHDPE Injection
62N07UV7Pallets, Boxes and CrateDownloadHDPE Injection
22085.0pallets - cratesHDPE Injection
HI05004 - 6crates - tool boxesDownloadHDPE Injection
5251111HousewareDownloadHDPE Injection
BL30.35small blow moulding productsDownloadHDPE Blow Moulding
HD00350.35hollow articleDownloadHDPE Blow Moulding
3840UA3.8 - 4.5containersDownloadHDPE Rotational


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