Hetrophasic Copolymer

Heterophasic Copolymer

Many heterophasic copolymer grades contain such additives which has particular implications for the injection moulding sector, bringing the possibility for reduced cooling times and increased overall outputs.

Heterophasic Copolymers have the best impact resistance and they are well suited for extrusion blow moulding appliance components, wheels, under-the-hood automotive parts, toolboxes, suitcases and large containers.

GradeMFI (gr/10min)Density (gr/cm3)ApplicationDatasheet
EP 440 G1.30.9boards - panels - profilesDownload
EP 440 L60.9packaging - consumer goodsDownload
EP 3130UV10.50.9automotive partsDownload
EP 548 R210.9thin-walls articles - toysDownload
EP 548 T500.9food containers - housewares Download


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