General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS)


General Purpose Polystyrene, also known as crystal-clear polystyrene, is fully transparent and rigid, and is widely used in food packaging applications or jewel cases. The most common application of GPPS was seen in the cases that enclosed CDs, it is also low-cost, X-ray resistant, free from odor and taste, and easy to process.

GRADEMFI (gr/10min)ApplicationDatasheet
GPPS 154011Disposable Cups & Food Containers,Pen bodiesDownload
GPPS11602.4Foamed Sheet for Thermoforming ,Shower cabinetsDownload
GPPS1540B11Disposable Cups & Food ContainersDownload
GPPS14606.5Extrusion , Foamed Sheet for TrayDownload
GPPS10701.6Ultra HMW for special extrusionDownload
GPPS12402.5Ultra HMW for special extrusion,Impact dilution and special injection moldingDownload
GPPS13404Sheet and profile extrusion,Packaging,Dilution of impact grades for extrusion,Injection moldingDownload


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