Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)


Expanded Polystyrene is a lightweight cellular plastic material consisting of small hollow spherical balls. It is this closed cellular construction that gives EPS its remarkable characteristics. EPS is produced in a wide range of densities providing a varying range of physical properties. These are matched to the various applications where the material is used to optimise its performance and strength. it is used in building and construction, packaging and etc.

HS121551.8 - 2.5Low Density Block
HS221551 - 1.8Medium Density Block
HS321550.7 - 1High Density Block,Shaped Packaging
FC422550.5 - 0.7Shape Molding,High Density Block
FC522550.3 - 0.5Shape Molding,High Density Block
WP526550.3 - 0.5Thin- Wall Water Proof Shape Molding,Cup(food contact)


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